In this week’s podcast episode, Graham and I talk with Dr. Christopher Bridges, Strategic Consultant for Starfish. Our conversation ranged widely. We

  • learned about patterns and trends Chris is seeing on campus (hint: there is a near-universal desire for more parking spaces closer to academic buildings)
  • heard about creative approaches and programs colleges and universities have implemented to improve student outcome
  • explored the role of Strategic Consulting and how it supports student success on campus.

The episode closed with three wishes Chris has for higher education looking through the lens of student success.

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Chris Bridges has over twenty years of experience in strategic planning, student support and development, administrative leadership and academic partnership. As Dean of Students and Senior Lecturer at Yale-NUS College he was responsible for all aspects of student engagement and development. In his role as Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment at Mansfield University he led a team that created a record high increase for student retention rates. He has also served at community colleges and private universities. Chris earned his PhD in Higher Education Leadership and Administration from Ohio University, his M.S. in College Student Personnel from Miami University.